Cassie L. Kennedy

Cassie L. Kennedy, NCIDQ

Senior Interior Designer

Cassie’s primary goal in design is achieved through listening to a client’s needs and desires, and bridging the gap to the reality of a beautiful, functional, constructed space. This encompasses everything from the visual feel to the flow through the experienced space. From funky and fun, to clean and classic, to nurturing and healing, Cassie’s taste for design spans many styles and can work to suit any client’s needs. She loves finding inspiration anywhere from historical references to taking in cues from nature. Her attention to detail and love of organizing information lends itself well to focusing on small details while keeping the big picture in mind. An interior designer requires a delicate balance of creativity and problem solving skills, in which Cassie thrives. Her ultimate hope is that at the end of a project, the lives of the users have been improved thanks to the thoughtful details and designs considered.